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Implant Dentistry in Columbus

When you have missing teeth, Dr. Raisch can help you decide the best course of treatment to replace them. An expert in dental restoration with 26 years of experience, he can explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different procedures, and help you decide which is best for you.

Single tooth loss


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Dental Implants

A dental implant is commonly made of titanium and replaces the root of a missing tooth. Fastened securely into your jawbone, an implant forms a permanent anchor for your porcelain replacement tooth. Dental implants are very strong. They offer the added bonus of stopping the bone loss that occurs when a tooth is lost. The titanium post fuses with the bone, preventing it from dissolving. Implants are also excellent for stabilizing and securing dentures or partial dentures, which make them much more comfortable to wear. Dental implants are more durable than a bridge and likely to retain functionality longer. Other advantages include:

  • Permanently affixed to your jawbone, won't loosen
  • Long-lasting, typically 25 or more years
  • Keep you looking younger by preventing shrinkage of jawbone
  • Strength and stability so you can eat anything you want
  • Feels and looks like a natural tooth
  • Never require fillings or root canals

You are a candidate for dental implants if you are in good general and oral health and have adequate bone in your jaw to support an implant. If you have suffered bone loss, you may still be able to get implants with a special bone-grafting procedure to rebuild sufficient bone to support the implant.

Single tooth Implant (Anterior)


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Single Tooth Implant


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